A new dimension in real estate

The complete range of services for all things real estate: based on Project Development, Construction and Renovation – the three pillars of the CG Gruppe AG’s long-term and continued success. With that, we understand it is our duty not only to meet the needs of current users, but to anticipate the demands of the future as well.

Our defined goal is to create affordable housing for all levels of society – distinct and suffering no loss in quality. That’s the reason we, like no other developer in Germany, are the nation’s driving force behind digital construction. The universal digitalisation of the entire process chain significantly reduces costs and minimises time. Combined with serial production of prefabricated parts, we will raise the level of efficiency even higher. That’s Building Intelligence by CG Gruppe AG.

We don’t conform to standards – we set them!
CG Gruppe develops new living concepts

The future of living

The CG Group creates added values for the future. Instead of following trends, we anticipate users’ needs and recognize potential. These innovations enable us to make affordable, sustainable and user-friendly living spaces a reality for all target groups at all levels of society.

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