We Create Space for Life

We all long for something, and our longings are our own. They drive us and give our lives meaning. For our dreams to take shape, we need space. Space created by visions – by ideas that are simultaneously bold and sustainable. Space that is affordable for everyone in society, created individually for every need and without sacrificing quality.

Creating this space is our defined goal. For this reason, we are driving digital construction forward like no other project developer in Germany. With a completely digitalised process chain – from planning to construction to the operation of our properties – we significantly reduce costs and minimise the time in which the unexpected can occur. Combined with the serial production of building components, we are developing today the construction of tomorrow – creating space for life for everyone.

We don’t conform to standards – we set them!
CG Gruppe develops new living concepts

The future of living

The CG Group creates added values for the future. Instead of following trends, we anticipate users’ needs and recognize potential. These innovations enable us to make affordable, sustainable and user-friendly living spaces a reality for all target groups at all levels of society.

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