The CG Gruppe AG is a German real estate developer with its own construction expertise. Operating nationwide, the company has shaped the development, structural implementation and marketing of residential and commercial properties for more than 20 years. The company’s core business is the construction of residential buildings for institutional investors. In this segment, the CG Gruppe AG is leading the market in Germany. Operations are focused on select locations in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. More than 650 staff members provide for acquisition, project planning and development to ensure the continuously high quality and sustainability of their real estate products.

The defined goal of the company is to create affordable housing using digital construction (BIM/serial production and prefabrication) and incorporating technological and ecological innovations. In terms of large-scale neighbourhood development projects, office buildings and high-rises are repurposed into modern, residential working and living spaces.

The company’s performance horizons have been set for the next five years with a total of roughly €5.5bn invested. At present, projects amounting to €2.7bn are being prepared for structural implementation. Construction projects with a sales volume of €750m are currently in completion. Additional projects with a total value of €500m have already been placed to institutional investors and are subsequently entering the construction phase. 


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