The CG Gruppe’s range of products is more diverse than you think. In addition to residential and commercial space, our portfolio contains hotels and hostels, multi-storey car parks, and the space-optimised apartments of the brand Vertical Village.


Vertical Village Apartments

VauVau - Institutional
Apartments: Number of units 1,753, Area 119,393 m²


Hotels & Hostels

Rooms: Number of rooms 1,710, Area 70,180 m²



In Development: Units based on demand, Area 427,898 m²
Yielding Assets: Units based on demand, Area 173,724 m²


Multi-storey Car Parks

Parking spaces: Number of spaces 2,380



Rental: Number of units 8,210, Area 563,693 m²
Condominiums: Number of units 3.513, Area 238,784 m²