In Germany’s major cities, it’s not only social housing that’s increasingly rare, but also affordable housing options for young families and people with lower incomes. The CG Group creates reasonably-priced housing for all manners of income.


Compact Floor Plans

Less is often more—for that reason, we stand by our compact floor plans. Indeed some flats offer a lot of room but are often poorly laid out. We don’t simply build flats. We have a concept. Thanks to our compact floor plans, you get the most efficiency from your home’s total area while saving money on unnecessary space.


Area Efficiency

We maintain the highest level area efficiency through intelligent solutions. With integrated cabinets and sliding doors we create space. This clever concept provides our tenants with an unrestricted residential experience as well as savings of up to 30 per cent.


Cooperative Building Plot Designs

Successful development of building sites happens only by working together with local authorities and citizens. That’s why we employ cooperative building plot designs. We develop neighbourhoods in close accord with the community, satisfying the need for both city development and affordable rental prices.


Low-rent Housing

Using a mixed calculation we create space for low-rent housing. Independent from state subsidies, we create an additional residential sector with rents considerably lower than market value.


BIM and the Serial Construction of Building Components

Digitalisation has reached construction, enabling enormous increases in quality and potential for savings. In the not-too-distant future, buildings will be completely planned on the computer. The building components will then be produced in a factory, and the finished product will be delivered to the construction site where they’ll be assembled into a building.