Quality of life does not come from well-designed flats alone. The CG Group develops and realises new concepts to enhance the quality of life—both inside and outside of the home. Added value is achieved through the integration of food and retail shops, temporary housing options, hotels as well as sport, leisure and entertainment facilities.


Communal Areas

Many of our properties offer compact flats supplemented by communal areas. Use of the co-working spaces and fitness centres is also free for tenants. Additional community facilities, such as restaurants, home cinemas, launderettes, etc., are also available.


High Proportion of Outdoor Areas

Our goal is to create open spaces as well as residential spaces. As such, most of our properties are built with large balconies and terraces, because that’s the first step in turning a flat into a home. In addition to that, the areas surrounding the buildings also remain in focus in terms of development.


Mobility Concepts/Car Sharing

Nowadays in larger cities there are fewer and fewer places to park. With a good public transport system, one doesn’t necessarily need to own a car as one would only use it from time to time. Through car-sharing stations integrated into the property, our tenants have the opportunity to hire and use cars as needed for a nominal fee.


Partial and Complete Furnishing Concepts

Those who travel frequently for work or very quickly need to rent a flat in a new city seldom have time leftover to purchase furniture and organise a big move. An intelligent furnishing concept is here to remedy that—many of our flats come with both built-in and modular furniture. It’s practical and it saves space. In addition to basic furnishings, a wide selection of various types of furniture can also be booked.