Art in building, building with art—another motto of the CG Group with the goal of creating an environment worth living in. Because, as designers of individual buildings to residential complexes to entire neighbourhoods, we’re convinced that the prerequisite for the evolution of a city’s inhabitants is the creation of an environment that inspires creative thinking and behaviour, promotes social interaction and enables its residents to identify with their surroundings. This requires not only the functional adaptability of the buildings and their exterior facilities, but also artistic intent as an element of design.

Because of this, an ever-growing network of renowned artists has developed around Anja Gröner, wife of the CG Group’s CEO; artists who work regularly with the CG Group, who are constantly developing creative new approaches to design, and who increasingly recognize the buildings as exhibition space. Such collaborations with known artists lend an unmistakable quality to CG projects—and help to make them worth living in.