Ecological health is one of the main issues of our time. To provide their properties with energy, the CG Group take unique advantage of the entire technological spectrum at their disposal. This includes the installation of CO2-neutral heating systems and the use of ecological construction and insulation materials in the buildings and their façades.


Sustainable Energy Supply

We strive to make a sustainable and future-oriented energy supply a reality in our residential complexes. It helps to protect the environment while lowering costs. We use cogeneration plants, regenerative district heating and, above all, geothermal energy.


Energy-efficient Construction

To keep the consumption of energy as low as possible, we build according to KfW 55 standards. Along with the savings on heat and energy costs, the financial subsidies for these buildings also create a positive effect on future rental costs.


Ecological Construction and Insulation Materials

When selecting building materials, we consider ecological value as much as we do economical. For that reason we avoid using polystyrene for insulation, favouring glass wool instead. The material is indeed expensive but has great insulating properties—and unlike polystyrene, it’s recyclable.