Our Vision: Digitales Digital Construction

“Building Intelligence” enables the creation of affordable housing, taking into account individual trends and needs.



The CG Gruppe is an expert in real estate trends and living environments. One aspect always brings the company to the forefront: housing must be affordable for the masses. After all, what good is the most beautiful, inner-city low-energy apartment with smart home technology in a revitalised architectural jewel, if you cannot pay for it?

Affordable housing for every income level has therefore long been one of the innovation standards of the CG Gruppe and, as a corporate goal, still exceeds all megatrends. The CG Gruppe can achieve this through Building Information Modeling (BIM), the most sustainable tool in the construction industry.

But affordability alone is not enough for our quality of life. As such, the Berlin-based CG Trend Lab developed the other innovation standards “Intelligent”, “Ecological” and “Future-oriented” in order to be able to respond to the entire range of social needs and thus offer individual, sustainable products at all locations. The megatrends “Urban Shift”, “Green Karma”, “Smart Society” and “Modern Heritage”, which already anticipate tomorrow’s living, define the numerous CG Gruppe projects in Germany. Bring on the future!



Inspiring diversity, short distances, a good community – excellent prerequisites for a good work life balance

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Good for the environment and for people: a sustainable eco-balance as well as a balanced self create positive energy and good feelings for the oneness with nature

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Digital Life does not stop at the doorway: smart home technology and high-speed connectivity make everyday life more convenient, smarter, more efficient – and just as safe 

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Upgrading the housing stock: thanks to their distinctive architecture, outdated buildings are transformed into sought-after homes of the 21st century

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How our projects meet the demands of tomorrow today

Best match of cities, trends and projects: at each location, the CG Gruppe realises the kind of living space that is most needed, wanted and demanded there. The epicentre for the development of the new trends is the Group’s headquarters in Berlin: the CG Trend Lab. From here, the knowhow is passed on to the individual sites in Germany. The experts in the other cities pick up the signals and use them to develop trend-oriented products that meet the requirements of future living.

It is the strength of the CG Gruppe to consider all trends in each project, but sometimes one or more facets are more pronounced than others. The Trend Map shows how the projects can be assigned to the CG Megatrends “Urban Shift”, “Green Karma”, “Smart Society” or the newly added cluster “Modern Heritage”.


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