With regards to individual living space, the needs of the consumer change constantly. This is especially true for the utilisation of digital technology. The CG Group is the forerunner in the implementation of Smart Home technologies—even a digital rental process has become available. Currently we already make use of the following technologies:


Wi-Fi Solutions and CAT-7 Wiring

Each of our flats is equipped with Wi-Fi and CAT-7 wiring. High-speed internet makes our properties fit for the future and lays the groundwork for a wide range of Smart Home solutions.


Smart Home Solutions

The latest Smart Home technologies create transparency and guarantee complete control of costs. Regulate the temperature in your living room using an app and check the costs of heating based on your current level of consumption, open and close the shutters and make sure your stove is turned off—from work.


Digital Rental Process

The entire rental process can now be done digitally. Book a viewing appointment via a rental system and upload all of the necessary documents to the upload-centre. That saves time, money and paper. In this way the complete rental process can be done from home on the computer—as easy as online shopping.