At the end of the 18th century, Germany’s industrial history was written in Cologne’s Mülheim district. The area where once approximately 33,000 people manufactured motors, machines and industrial equipment for the global concern Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz, is today a creative hotspot where 250 artists, musicians, designers and craftspeople ply their trade. In the future, the location between the Mülheim Harbour, the Rheinboulevard and the Cologne Trade Fair venue will become even livelier and more diverse: by 2020, the CG Group will develop here a new quarter where students, young families, start-up entrepreneurs and young-at-heart pensioners will feel at home next to the long-established creative-types.

Apartments will vary in size and be built amongst a hostel, restaurants, regional and crafts markets, co-working spaces for start-ups, galleries, design shops and a multi-storey car park with urban gardening spaces. Where before the foundation of motorisation was laid, today the artists are the engine that powers the development on the bank of the Rhine.

Project data and key figures
Project details
Sales volume (GDV): 850,000,000 EUR
Area for rent/sale: 186,000 m²
Car parking spaces: 2050
Object type: residential
Area: 95,000 m²
Units: 1450
Object type: commercial
Area: 91,000 m²
(Status as of Oct 7, 2019)
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Current status rental and sale
Current state
Planning phase
Building pit
Building shell
Ready for occupancy
Current state letting

Renting of apartments will begin during the shell construction phase.

Current state sale

The property will be sold turnkey and fully leased to a capital investment company (Versorgungskasse).

Property specification - Micro environment / Macro environment


With more than one million inhabitants, Cologne is the most populous city in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth largest city in Germany. Originally dubbed Oppidum Ubiorum, today's River Rhine metropolis was eventually elevated to city status by the Roman Empire under the name Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (CCAA).

Cologne maintains international significance as a major economic and cultural city and is considered one of the top locations for the global arts market. The stronghold of the carnival festival is also home to many media companies and organisations with numerous television and music producers. Above all, the Cologne Cathedral, the numerous internationally significant events and the city’s more than 2,000-year history as well as its cultural legacy all contribute to Cologne remaining one of the most important travel destinations in Europe.

The extensive long-distance passenger rail system as well as the Umschlagbahnhof Eifeltor (Eifeltor Trans-shipment Station), one of the largest container handling stations for combined freight transport, are evidence of the city’s significance as one of today’s major transport hubs. Four inland ports and the international airport complement the infrastructure.

Macro environment area: 405 km²
Macro environment population: 1,046,680
Macro environment population density: 2,585 Einwohner je km²
Macro environment unemployment rate: 8.1 %
Macro environment purchase power index: 108.5


The district of Mülheim is located in the north of Cologne on the eastern side of the Rhine. The area is made up of nine neighbourhoods with a total area of approximately 52 km² and roughly 146,000 inhabitants. An independent town until 1914, Mülheim developed into an important location for upcoming, large-scale industrial enterprises during the 19th century.


Micro environment area: 52.20 km²
Micro environment population: 145,780
Property environment
Distance to city centre: 5.0 km
Distance to railway station: 1.3 km
Distance to motorway: 4.8 km
Distance to nursery: 0.8 km
Distance to local public transport: 0.6 km
Distance to school: 0.5 km
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