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Dresden is booming—and why? Among other reasons, the multitude of jobs for qualified for professionals and of course the excellent quality of life, both of which attract young families in particular. In order to keep pace with this positive population development, up to 13,000 new rental apartments will have to be built within the next ten years.

With the Carré Löbtau in Dresden’s Friedrichstadt, the CG Group is developing 146 of those apartments. The modern residential complex will comprise one two-part building with five full storeys plus additional penthouse-style floors. Balconies up to two metres wide will line the street-facing façades as well as those facing the inner courtyard; and the inner courtyard will come complete with green spaces and areas for play.

The Carré Löbtau is the second of the CG Group’s projects in Friedrichstadt: currently being built in the Cottaer Strasse, the Weisseritz Gärten is a housing complex with a housing terrace and single-family houses with gardens—also perfect for young families. This complex’s first tenants will begin to move in in autumn, those for the Carré Löbtau in the beginning of 2019.

Project data and key figures
Project details
Sales volume (GDV): 39,050,000 EUR
Total area of the land: 4,655 m²
Area for rent/sale: 10,540 m²
Car parking spaces: 116 116 underground parking
Target rent: 12.00 EUR/m²
Construction period: September 2017 to December 2019
Object condition: First time use
Major Energy Carrier: district heating
Energy certificate: energy certificate required
Object type: residential
Area: 10,170 m²
Units: 148 (30–130 m²)
Object type: commercial
Area: 370 m²
(Status as of Oct 7, 2019)
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Current status rental and sale
Current state
Planning phase
Building pit
Building shell
Ready for occupancy
Current state letting

Renting of apartments will begin during the shell construction phase.

Current state letting
0 from 148 units are rented
Current state sale

The property will be sold turnkey and fully leased to a capital investment company (Versorgungskasse).

Current state sale
148 from 148 units are sold
Property specification - Micro environment / Macro environment


Dresden has approximately 550,000 inhabitants. In terms of population, it is the twelfth largest city in Germany and, just after the slightly more populous city of Leipzig, is the second largest city in the state. As the state capital of Saxony, Dresden is the political and cultural centre as well as the main traffic hub in the metropolitan area of Dresden, which is considered one of the most economically dynamic regions in the Federal Republic.

Within Saxony, Dresden represents an important economic and scientific centre and is home to numerous research institutes (Fraunhofer Society, Max Planck Society, etc.) as well as many well-known companies in the fields of microelectronics, information technology, biotechnology and electrical engineering.

However, the city is also of considerable cultural importance—from 2004 to 2009, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to its numerous art collections, historically significant buildings from a variety of eras count themselves among the city's attractions.

Macro environment area: 328 km²
Macro environment population: 549,481
Macro environment population density: 1,674 Einwohner je km²
Macro environment unemployment rate: 7.3 %
Macro environment purchase power index: 81.2

The neighbourhood of Friedrichstadt lies to the west of Dresden's Old Town and the suburb of Wilsdruff—across the former Weisseritz riverbed.

This district is without a doubt the most extraordinary and highly contrasting in Dresden. It has a rich history, valuable historic buildings and the most magnificent fountain in Dresden (the Neptune Fountain), and it is the area where many important architects, scientists, educators and artists did their work. Historic buildings, important history and famous names all characterise the city as much as its time as a location for factories.

Residents of this location benefit from the connections and proximity to the city centre. Nearby federal and access roads also make for easy motor transport.

Micro environment area: 6.05 km²
Micro environment population: 7,686
Micro environment population density: 1,270 Einwohner je km²
Micro environment purchase power index: 88.0
Property environment
Distance to city centre: 1.7 km
Distance to railway station: 1.9 km
Distance to motorway: 4.0 km
Distance to nursery: 0.8 km
Distance to local public transport: 0.2 km
Distance to school: 1.8 km
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