On the area of the former telecommunications office on the eastern part of Danziger Platz, the CG Group is now developing a new mixed district with apartments, commercial and office space and a daycare center. In order to grasp the space itself architecturally, a higher building tower with a total of 12 storeys and a staggered storey is planned on the top of the plot, which will be followed by four further blocks in the form of bars with 6 - 7 storeys and one staggered storey each. When planning the development
Important aspects of the area, such as building heights and shapes, air permeability, sound insulation and shading, were optimally integrated into the design concept.
The result is a harmonious ensemble that blends in perfectly with the immediate surroundings. The upscale home furnishings and an attractive apartment mix will appeal to a wide range of buyers and tenants.

Project data and key figures
Project details
Area for rent/sale: 42,700 m²
Object type: residential
Area: 28,100 m²
Units: 400
Object type: commercial
Area: 14,600 m²
(Status as of Jul 31, 2019)
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Current status rental and sale
Current state
Planning phase
Building pit
Building shell
Ready for occupancy
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Current state sale

Temporary renting by the end of 2024: In the period until the planned start of construction, the office complex, which is currently shaping the space at Danziger Platz 12, should be temporary for for rent (possible until at least the end of 2024). The building complex offers flexible usage options for start-ups, educational institutions, co-working providers and other office users.

Rental: +49 (0) 69 247 54 09 - 8251

Property specification - Micro environment / Macro environment

With more than 730,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in the Federal Republic of Germany. Frankfurt's financial center, the European city, the traffic hub - the smallest metropolis in the world.The city of Frankfurt brings opposites together in a charming way. A cosmopolitan city with life, in whose streets multilingualism is long course. Between cosmopolitan flair and homey cosiness in Frankfurt are often just a few steps.

However, the banking metropolis with its cool skyline is not a stony city juggernaut, but an urban oasis, a lush green city! Numerous parks and green spaces are in the middle of the city. To the city lay meadows, forests, hills and floodplains a "green belt".

Urban development Frankfurt advances - as in other cities around the world - clearly under the caused by globalization profound structural change ahead. Modernization, economic power, growth in the services, quality of life and attractiveness influx ensure future growth and prosperity of the traditional European city.

Macro environment area: 248 km²
Macro environment population: 733,000
Macro environment population density: 2,792 Einwohner je km²
Macro environment unemployment rate: 6.2 %
Macro environment purchase power index: 117.7

The property is located in Frankfurt-Ostend close to the European Central Bank. The Ostend has around 27,700 inhabitants and is a very up-coming and attractive part of the city. In addition to the central bank and the zoo, the School of Finance and numerous clubs, restaurants and shops are also located here. In conjunction with the leisure facilities on the Main river and Ostpark, this makes life in the Ostend district very attractive.

The Ostbahnhof underground station and the Frankfurt Ost regional train station are right next to the property. They ensure the connection to Frankfurt city center, the exhibition center and the main train station. Shopping facilities for daily needs can be found directly in the property.

Micro environment area: 5.56 km²
Micro environment population: 29,171
Micro environment population density: 5,243 Einwohner je km²
Construction specifications

Construction project

The project is built has 5 components.
The tower at the western tip of the site is built in a 12-storey construction plus a staggered storey and is intended for commercial use.
The other new buildings are planned to have commercial use in the ground floors.
Apartments are planned starting from the 1st floor.
The 3 new buildings in the middle will have 6 levels along Henschelstrasse, each with a staggered floor, while the southern area to Ostparkstrasse will each have 7 floors and a staggered floor.
The new building block on the eastern edge of the site will have 7 floors and a staggered floor.




Building law

Preparation decision in preparation according to B-plan procedure

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